Dawahh organisations around the world

Thought I would start to list some good dawah organisations active around the world.



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Islam in Vietnam

At the time of writing (21/05/2017), according to wikipedia sources, there are about 75,000 Muslims living in Vietnaam:




According to the wikipedia, the Muslims there have suffered some low level discrimination, May Allah make things easy for them. It looks like things are getting gradually easier alhamdulillah and the Muslim community generally have a lot of hikmah to not get into confrontation with the government and just go about peacefully raising families, giving dawah, building masajid and educating themselves in deen.

Malaysians have been active in teaching Islam there, giving khutbahs in the masajid, and doing dawah activity, may Allah reward them. Also funding of masajid and madrassahs as well as training of imams from Vietnam in Malaysia.

There are some Muslim tours organised of vietnaam according to the following website, and the website has some good info on islam in vietnam. Please note that I haven’t yet verified the site is legit so cannot guarantee your money is safe with them although it looks perfectly legit. If I get some confirmation of people taking trips with them I will update this blog accordingly with verification. Here is the site:


Turkey is active in Vietnaam and has built the largest masjid as of 21.05.2017: https://www.dailysabah.com/religion/2017/05/19/turkeys-ihh-opens-vietnams-largest-mosque

15,000 Vietnamese and Cambodian Muslims were present and declared their love for Turkey, and Turkey pledged to support many more masajid, madrassas and other islamic projects. May Allah bless and accept the efforts of our Turkish brothers and sisters and reward them for their concern for the affairs of the Muslims around the world.

The following article gives a bit more insight into the lives of Vietnamese Muslims: https://muslimvillage.com/2010/09/08/5983/the-challenges-of-being-muslim-in-vietnam/

Some interesting information about Muslims in the capital city Hanoi: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/special-reports/56751/little-known-story-of-the-muslim-community-in-hanoi.html

The main ethnic group in vietnam is the kinh, making up 85% of the countries population. The main Muslim ethnic group in Vietnam is the champa, who had their own kingdom historically but fell under Vietnamese control.

The main ethnic group native to vietnam who are Muslims are the Cham people. Vietnam’s April 1999 census showed 63,146 Muslims. Over 77% lived in the South Central Coast, with 34% in Ninh Thuận Province, 24% in Bình Thuận Province, and 9% in Ho Chi Minh City; another 22% lived in the Mekong Delta region, primarily in An Giang Province. Only 1% of Muslims lived in other regions of the country.

The Saudi Arabian University of Madinah which pays scholarships for people to come and do a 6 year course including 2 years of Arabic and then 4 years in a speciality such as tafseer or hadeeth. People generally go back to their country afterwards and make important dawah activities. Vietnam has a lot of students in Madinah University according to the list: https://admission.iu.edu.sa/IuperviousAbroadInquery.aspx

Another interesting blog about islam in vietnam: http://islaminyourcountry.weebly.com/islam-in-vietnam.html




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Islam in Russia

Russia is an enormous country with a small population and decreasingly low birth rates.


Muslims are the only religious group to be massively growing. The result? A Muslim majority country by 2050 inshAllah:


Muslims face discrimination and hostility but inshAllah they will remain firm and press on increasing their numbers whilst the Russians continue to drink, take drugs, have homosexual relationships, abortions, and anything else that prevents their population from growing

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Islam in Myanmar (Burma)

Unfortunately, due to the severe oppression of the Muslim community in Burma, Islam is prevented from really becoming a well established community and part of the fabric of Burmese society. Therefore it is essential that we all work to help our Burmese brothers and sisters get the freedom and respect they need to be proud carriers of the Islamic faith and make a contribution to their society. We need to contribute money and help them etc inshAllah, as they live in severe poverty. Unfortunately this will be ineffective until the political situation is revolved though. 

There is alhamdulillah some successful dawah though nontheless to burmese diaspora in singapore: http://myanmarmuslimsingapore.org/index.php/about-us

Unfortunately the situation in Burma itself though is dire: http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/rohingya-women-are-being-kept-as-sex-slaves-by-the-burmese-military

So the first port of call is really political activism to aid the Burmese muslims (Rohingya). Even spreading awareness can help inshAllah.

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Islam in Great Britain

The situation up until 2011 for British Converts:


And the situation for general British Muslim statistics:


Some future predictions:



The following blog has stories of British Muslim converts: http://britishrevertstories.wordpress.com/


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Islam in Rwanda

Due to the efforts of Muslims to save two christian tribes from killing each other, Muslims have doubled in number in Rwanda Allahu Akbar


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Islam in India

Although the Muslim population in India is one of the Muslim largest populations, they are stilll a minority so I have included them on the blog.

This first article talks about their growth in terms of demographics as well as their relations with non Muslims  especially in light of a recent terrorist attack. Terrorism is one of the worst things for any Muslim community, as people tend to blame the entire religion for the acts of a few extremists. Thankfully in India, relations remain relatively cordial.



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